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RDM Infinity
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Warehouse Management

RDM Infinity's mobile WMS empowers your workforce with a real-time interface to your ERP system. Let us integrate your existing business logic and workflow with our easy-to-use mobile software. Take advantage of dozens of modules including inventory management, order picking, packing, shipping, cycle counting, on-demand label printing, dashboards, and many others.

Fleet Services

With RDM Infinity's fleet solution, we can help you provide high-quality proof of delivery to customers who have specialized needs such as photos, signatures, timestamps, and acknowledgement of receipt. Our built-in GPS toolkit gives your business instant insight into the delivery status and location of your entire fleet.

Form Templating

Break free from the limitation of printing your multivalue output on plain white or pre-printed paper using character-delimited text. Enhance the appearance of your documents with customized fields, barcodes, signatures, and form overlays anywhere on the page.

Bin Restock

Make re-ordering in the field a breeze for your customers. With RDM Infinity's restock app, customized for your inventory and ERP, they will be able to scan parts and replenish supplies quick and easy from their office or on a job site.